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Stunning new bald eagle picture

New bald eagle picture: “Raw Eagle Power”

Bald eagle photographer Christian Sasse has released a stunning new picture.

Titled Raw Eagle Power, the scene depicts a magnificent bald eagle with its detailed wings spread wide-open as it descends upon shallow water.

The eagle’s talons have just penetrated the shallows; a resulting splash rises beneath the raptor’s frame.

It’s a moment that might leave one wondering about what’s unfolding in this dramatic scene.

Has this eagle just snagged its prey?

Or is it simply making a landing to pause for a rest or hunt nearby salmon?

Feel free to ask the photographer.  Christian often engages with visitors to his popular Facebook page.

Because he lives near so many bald eagles, Christian photographs them every chance he gets. That usually means several times a week!

His fans on Facebook know this well.

Over recent years, they’ve become accustomed to this bald eagle photographer’s pattern of sharing a picture each day (sometimes more than one photo).

Many times,  Christian will also post details about his adventures behind his 800mm lens.

And if, by chance, you happen to think the photo here is your favorite bald eagle picture…well, just wait.

Christian’s track record is filled with stunning bald eagle surprises.

Visit Christian on Facebook

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