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Rare golden eagle arrives at Boundary Bay

Updated: 9:45 P.M. PST

News reports emerged today stating that a “rare” golden eagle has arrived in the south Delta area of British Columbia’s Boundary Bay.

Today’s Vancouver Sun says the large raptor has birders in the area all aflutter.

Here’s an excerpt from the Sun’s report:

John Gordon, a professional photographer from Langley, said the golden eagle showed up about two weeks ago and is dining on the vast flocks of waterfowl attracted to the bay and bordering farm fields. “It is one of those birds that we birders rarely see in the Lower Mainland,” he confirmed.

Flickr user Wren8 has four beautiful photos of the golden eagle posted online.

The golden eagle has captured more than simply the attention of photographers.

Bald eagles are smaller than golden eagles.  And in Boundary Bay right now,  they’re apparently very much aware of the newcomer’s presence.

Birder Mark Wynja told the Sun that he watched four bald eagles scatter from their perches as the golden eagle flew into a stand of red alders.  Wynja added that the bald eagles later returned.

We’ve updated this story with pictures provided by the photographer quoted in the Vancouver Sun’s story, John Gordon (one of Mr. Gordon’s photos appeared on that newspaper’s website, too).

On a related note, Mr. Gordon shares that two other golden eagles are currently making Sumas Prairie (near Abbotsford, British Columbia) their winter home.

Two years ago, Mr. Gordon photographed a golden eagle in Sumas Prairie.

To learn more about the Mr. Gordon’s photos taken this week featuring the juvenile golden eagle at Boundary Bay, please see his blog, John Gordon / Listening to Birds.

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  1. William Dove January 4, 2015 at 10:18 am #

    This articles claiming that Goldens are larger than Balds is misleading. In N.A. that is considered untrue and the article is dealing with a N.A. Golden.

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