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Paradise for bald eagle photography

(Rockport, WA)  The Skagit River’s “eagle alley” is a roughly eight-mile long corridor that attracts one of the largest bald eagle populations in the contiguous United States.

And as KING-TV’s story (above) shows us, this shallow stretch of the Skagit River is also a winter paradise for bald eagle photography.

Just check-out those large lenses inside the boats drifting on the Skagit!

To be sure, though, one does not need to be a professional photographer or own an expensive camera to enjoy photographing the bald eagles perched in trees along this river.

My first visit to view the eagles here was in 1986.  I didn’t even have a camera at the time. But the magical moments I observed on that day nearly 30-years ago remain etched in my memory.

bald eagle photography

In 2009, my brother Jeff and I made a spur-of-the-moment trip to Rockport.  Our cameras were simple, low-cost consumer models and we had a fantastic outing that day.

You can see some of the highlights of that 2009 trip in the video below.

Bald Eagles along Skagit River in Rockport, WA (2009) from Mark Horner on Vimeo.

There are many videos on YouTube featuring bald eagles on the Skagit River, including this one from Joshua Johnson.

For more information about this slice of bald eagle heaven, check out the website for the Skagit River Interpretive Center.

If you enjoy bald eagle photography, be sure to visit our very own professional bald eagle photographer Christian Sasse on Facebook.

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