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Bald Eagle Photographer Christian Sasse

A truly passionate Bald Eagle Photographer

Bald Eagle Photographer

Christian Sasse is a Bald Eagle photographer.

Bald eagle photographer Christian Sasse’s passion for the bald eagle is well-documented within his stunning photographs and video.

That passion that was ignited in 2011; four years after he moved to British Columbia.

That’s when Christian noticed the bald eagles in his neighborhood. He became deeply intrigued by their size and beauty.

A man who’d long been aiming telescopes at the Cosmos, he went out and purchased a camera suited for bird photography. That camera was a Nikon D80.

Christian’s been a bald eagle photographer ever since, and he continues to hone his bald eagle photography skills.

All of that passion and hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Christian’s work has been featured on the cover of Canadian Outdoor Photography (issue #25, Spring 2013). He was also the subject of that magazine’s main feature article for the same issue.

His Facebook page is called “SassePhoto” and has more than 80,000 Likes.

These days, Christian mainly shoots with his Nikon D4s. He favors an 800 mm f/5.6 telephoto lens and a 1.2x teleconverter.

He usually shoots quickly;  striving to keep his shutter speed at about 1/1600. Doing so often captures stunning wing maneuvers that are normally impossible to see with the naked eye.

Christian’s knowledge of optics and the physical properties of light have also helped to shape his unique skill-set.

He is particularly interested in capturing how different lighting conditions affect the colors of the bald eagle’s feathers.

Christian has a PhD in optics and a great interest in astronomy.

He owns several telescopes and holds a world-record for imaging the most distant object from earth ever captured with an amateur telescope.

Now a fully-fledged bald eagle photographer, Christian’s talents also seem out of this world!

The video playlist below contains three videos featuring Christian’s photography (still images and video).

Christian is also interviewed in two of the videos.

Feel free to pour a hot cup of cocoa, sit back, relax and enjoy!

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